Our Accreditation

Laboratory accreditation provides formal recognition to competent laboratories, thus providing a ready means for customers to identify and select reliable testing, measurements and calibration services. To maintain this recognition, laboratories are re-evaluated regularly by the accreditation body to ensure their continued compliance with requirements, and to check that their standard of operation is being maintained. The laboratory is also required to participate in relevant proficiency testing programs between reassessments as a further demonstration of technical quicker and easier.

Shikra Engineering Pte Ltd is one of the select from few commercial calibration operations qualified to be accredited as a Reference Laboratory in the disciplines of Temperature, Electrical, Pressure & torque. Trust Shikra Engineering Pte Ltd to calibrate your standards. We cater your needs whether you are a single site or a company with multiple plants and no matter where you are.

Accreditation Details

SAC Certificate- Mechanical Testing (ISO / IEC 17025 : 2017)

Schedule for Mechanical Testing (LA-2018-0684-G)

SAC Certificates- Calibration (ISO / IEC 17025 : 2017)

Schedule for Calibration (LA-2018-0707-C)

Lesser Authorization to Set And Repair Valve

Bizsafe Certification